COVID-19 Policy



The UK is currently experiencing a public health emergency as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is critical that employers, employees and the selfemployed take steps to keep everyone safe.

At ICS, our primary responsibility is caring for our employees, clients, consultants and subcontractors, ensuring that our projects are delivered safely and Defect Free.

This response plan to Covid-19 has been written in conjunction with the Construction Leadership Council and the UK Government guidelines. We are closely following government guidance and making adjustments accordingly.


The Prime Minister recognised that returning to work was important in some cases not only for a particular job, but for some people’s mental, physical and social wellbeing.

Our sites are operating effectively and safely with strict number limits and will continue to do so following Covid-19 safety guidelines.

There are NHS track and trace QR codes displayed all of our sites. Employees and visitors are encouraged to scan using the NHS Covid-19 app upon entering the building.

Microsoft Teams and Zoom is set up on all employee laptops. We are fully operational with employees working remotely and on essential tasks in the office where necessary, responding to live negotiated projects, tenders and just as available as we would be in usual circumstances.

We have encouraged all staff that are regularly travelling between our sites that they refrain coming into the office during this time to avoid the exposing the office workers to anything. We also have advised that all employees have the choice to work from home should they wish if they are living with something that remaining in the vulnerable category and need protecting.


All employees are advised to follow Government guidelines regarding travelling to work. If using public transport, they are advised to avoid rush hours and busy times. Please note, face coverings are mandatory on public transport and in a number of indoor premises so we urge our employees and visitors to be properly equipped for their journey to our sites.

Government’s hands, space and face guidelines are being followed by all employees and they are advised to not leave their house if they have symptoms of Covid-19, which are a new, continuous cough or a high temperature or they or any of their household are self-isolating.


To reduce bottlenecks at site entrances, social distancing lines have been set up at all of our sites, separated by 2-meter markings so everyone knows how far to stay apart.

In order to increase cleanliness, we’re asking everyone to use hand sanitiser upon entering all of our sites and wipe down all equipment with antibacterial wipes after use.

Lift restrictions are clearly marked and enforced by ICS site managers. Disposable face coverings are available at reception and on site, should employees or visitors feel more comfortable wearing one if outside. However, we ensure all staff and visitors are to wear them If indoors as a mandatory requirement.

Visitors and deliveries are permitted where essential, but they must be booked into site in advance, follow the Government guidelines, including the use of face masks and sanitising, and are subject to temperature checks upon entering.


We have enhanced our daily cleaning regime, all WCs will be cleaned periodically throughout the day and deep cleaned every night, and there is a specific emphasis on shared spaces and meeting rooms.

Anti-bacterial wipes are available throughout the office and sites, BW experts and visitors are advised to clean any areas and/or personal items periodically. Hand sanitiser is available in every meeting room, all communal areas on site and in the office so shared spaces can be wiped down before use.

All staff have been directed to remain vigilant in the frequent cleaning of objects and surfaces that are touched regularly, including buckets, site equipment and control panels, and making sure there are adequate disposal arrangements for cleaning products and PPE.

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